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Traveling as a Vegan in Croatia

Vegan Food in Croatia - The Highlights of Vegan Croatia

Guest article by Gosia Mobbs.The term “vegan Croatia” might seem like an oxymoron at first. If you have ever travelled around the Balkans, you have probably come across plenty of animal-based specialties such as cevapcici, a skinless sausage; burek, a cheese filled flaky pastry; or kajmak, a thick spreadable sour…

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8 Must-Try Vegan Indian Desserts

8 Vegan Indian Desserts You Must Try at Least Once

Craveable and mostly meat-free: what’s not to like about Indian food? While India has long enjoyed the reputation of being a haven for vegetarians, vegans need to be a bit more careful when traveling there. This is because many vegetarian Indian dishes include dairy products — especially the desserts. However, if you’re…

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