Plasencia Spain: What to Do, What to Eat & Where to Stay

Plasencia Spain Travel Guide plus Staying in a Parador

Your Travel Guide to Plasencia SpainPlasencia Spain HistoryNowadays, Plasencia Spain is a quiet, largely forgotten town in the Extremadura region of Western Spain. In the 15th century, though, it lay in a strategic location along the Silver Route, or Ruta de la Plata. For this reason, Plasencia was THE place to…

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7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan-Friendly

7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan Friendly

It seems everyone is talking about Lisbon, Portugal these days. It’s certainly one of the hottest destinations in Europe, and for good reason. This breathtakingly beautiful city offers so many things to do! I’ve been living in Lisbon for more than two years now, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched…

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