Vegan Dining in the Windy City: A Vegan Chicago Guide

Best Vegan Restaurants Chicago

This vegan restaurants Chicago guide was originally published in May 2018 and has since been thoroughly updated in August 2020. Since the update was written by a different author, the guide is divided into two parts. Part one is the original guide written by guest author Elizabeth Buckman, while part two…

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Tuscan Food Guide – Vegan-Friendly Version

Tuscan Food Guide Vegan-Friendly

Tuscan Food Guide Aah, Tuscany. Famous for its Renaissance art and architecture, gorgeous villages and cucina contadina (farm-to-table Tuscan food). This heart-shaped region of Italy has indeed stolen the heart of many a visitor, including mine. Tuscany is full of idyllic rural landscapes of rolling hills topped with umbrella pines…

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Insider’s Guide to Vegan Ethiopian Food

Vegan Ethiopian Food Guide

Guest article by Eleni Woldeyes of Eleni’s Kitchen. Vegan Ethiopian Food Ethiopian cuisine includes an abundance of vegan dishes. This unique aspect of Ethiopian food culture comes in part from the country’s religious history. It’s also a result of the abundance of legumes and vegetables available in Ethiopia. Ethiopian food…

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