Insider’s Guide to Vegan Ethiopian Food

Vegan Ethiopian Food Guide

Guest article by Eleni Woldeyes of Eleni’s Kitchen. Vegan Ethiopian Food Ethiopian cuisine includes an abundance of vegan dishes. This unique aspect of Ethiopian food culture comes in part from the country’s religious history. It’s also a result of the abundance of legumes and vegetables available in Ethiopia. Ethiopian food…

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6 Ways to Eat Vegan in Africa

6 Ways to Find Vegan African Food in Africa

<img class=”tve_image wp-image-5859″ alt=”6 Ways to Eat Vegan in Africa – Vegan African Food” width=”1280″ height=”720″ title=”6 Ways to Eat Vegan in Africa – Vegan African Food” data-id=”5859″ src=”//” scale=”0″>Try searching the Internet for information about vegan African food and about traveling as a vegan in Africa, and you won’t…

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The Swaziland Reed Dance, or the Dance of 100,000 Virgins

The Umhlanga Swaziland Reed Dance Festival

What Is Umhlanga, or the Swaziland Reed Dance Festival?Who would have thought that Swaziland*, the smallest country in the southern hemisphere, would play host to one of Africa’s biggest and most spectacular cultural events? Every year at Umhlanga, known more commonly in English as the Swaziland Reed Dance Festival, thousands of…

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