Vegan Paris: How the French Capital Became a Vegan Foodie Destination

Vegan Paris - How Paris Became a Top Vegan Foodie Travel Destination

In the latest episode of the Vegan Travel Gals, my co-hosts and I chatted with Thomas Tieyre, the founder of Paris Vegan Walkabouts. Thomas told us that the vegan Paris food scene has exploded in just the last couple of years! You can watch the full episode here:Report this adReport this…

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10 Serbian Fasting Foods You Must Try (And Why They’re Great for Vegans)

10 Serbian Orthodox Fasting Foods You Must Try

​Serbian Orthodox fasting is a tradition that’s often misunderstood outside Serbia. The word “fasting” in this case doesn’t mean that Serbs don’t eat anything at all. Instead, it just means that they abstain from eating certain foods that are prohibited by the Serbian Orthodox Church at particular times of the year,…

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My Favorite Vegan Dishes From Around the World

My Favorite Vegan Dishes from Around the World

​Did you think you would be missing out on trying local foods when traveling the world as a vegan? Not so! Global cuisines are full of vegan dishes. It’s just that those probably aren’t the local dishes mentioned in your guide book! Unless, of course, the guide you’re reading is my…

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How to Get Free Vegan Recipes from Around the World (And More!)

Free Vegan Recipes from Around the World

UPDATE: The pre-order period for my book Veggie Planet is over, which means that the pre-order bonuses described in this article are no longer available. But don’t worry! I’m offering a whole new package of bonuses to ALL readers of Veggie Planet, even if you missed the pre-order cutoff.​ Click the…

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Being Vegan in Portugal’s National Hunting Capital

Mértola: Vegan in Portugal's National Hunting Capital

Being Vegan in Mértola – The National Hunting Capital of PortugalI often talk about the two different types of vegan-friendly travel destinations. First, there are the places that are vegan-friendly because there’s a strong vegan movement there, and so local restaurants and other businesses have responded to the demand for vegan options. Second,…

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