Tuscan Food Guide – Vegan-Friendly Version

Tuscan Food Guide Vegan-Friendly

Tuscan Food Guide Aah, Tuscany. Famous for its Renaissance art and architecture, gorgeous villages and cucina contadina (farm-to-table Tuscan food). This heart-shaped region of Italy has indeed stolen the heart of many a visitor, including mine. Tuscany is full of idyllic rural landscapes of rolling hills topped with umbrella pines…

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My Favorite Vegan Dishes From Around the World

My Favorite Vegan Dishes from Around the World

​Did you think you would be missing out on trying local foods when traveling the world as a vegan? Not so! Global cuisines are full of vegan dishes. It’s just that those probably aren’t the local dishes mentioned in your guide book! Unless, of course, the guide you’re reading is my…

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