Vegan and Eco-Friendly Travel in Australia’s Blue Mountains

Vegan & Eco-Friendly Travel in Australia's Blue Mountains

Guest article by Nick Leonard.The Best Blue Mountains Attractions & How to Visit Them SustainablyWith its gorgeous scenery, abundant wildlife, endless hiking opportunities, excellent public transport, proximity to Sydney and emerging plant-based food scene, the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia is a superb destination for vegans, vegetarians, eco-friendly…

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A Complete Guide to Vegan Polish Food

Vegan Polish Food - A Complete Guide

Guest article by Joanna Draus of Your Vegan Coach.Traditional Polish CuisinePolish cuisine has a reputation of being a heavy cuisine filled with meat and other animal products, but vegan Polish food is easier to find than you think! Traditional Polish cuisine combines influences from other Central European culinary traditions, mainly Russian…

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The Swaziland Reed Dance, or the Dance of 100,000 Virgins

The Umhlanga Swaziland Reed Dance Festival

What Is Umhlanga, or the Swaziland Reed Dance Festival?Who would have thought that Swaziland*, the smallest country in the southern hemisphere, would play host to one of Africa’s biggest and most spectacular cultural events? Every year at Umhlanga, known more commonly in English as the Swaziland Reed Dance Festival, thousands of…

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