7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan-Friendly

7 Top Lisbon Experiences that are Vegan Friendly

It seems everyone is talking about Lisbon, Portugal these days. It’s certainly one of the hottest destinations in Europe, and for good reason. This breathtakingly beautiful city offers so many things to do! I’ve been living in Lisbon for more than two years now, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched…

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Being Vegan in Portugal’s National Hunting Capital

Mértola: Vegan in Portugal's National Hunting Capital

Being Vegan in Mértola – The National Hunting Capital of PortugalI often talk about the two different types of vegan-friendly travel destinations. First, there are the places that are vegan-friendly because there’s a strong vegan movement there, and so local restaurants and other businesses have responded to the demand for vegan options. Second,…

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Going on Retreat in Portugal: Animals, Food and Healing

Honey House Retreat in Portugal - vegan travel

​UPDATE: In October 2017, Honey House was badly hit by the devastating wild fires in Portugal. Thankfully, all the animals except one chicken made it through the fire unharmed, but the property sufferd a lot of damage. Annie and Adam are doing everything they can to restore their once-beautiful vegan retreat​,…

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