A Local’s Guide to Vegan Barcelona

A Local's Guide to Vegan Barcelona

Guest post by Dorian Christian. Given Spain’s well-known love for jamón, visitors to Barcelona are often surprised to find out just how vegan Barcelona really is. The local city government even declared itself to be a “friend of vegan and vegetarian culture”, making Barcelona the first official veggie-friendly city in the world. In…

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Plasencia Spain: What to Do, What to Eat & Where to Stay

Plasencia Spain Travel Guide plus Staying in a Parador

Your Travel Guide to Plasencia SpainPlasencia Spain HistoryNowadays, Plasencia Spain is a quiet, largely forgotten town in the Extremadura region of Western Spain. In the 15th century, though, it lay in a strategic location along the Silver Route, or Ruta de la Plata. For this reason, Plasencia was THE place to…

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Top 8 Vegan Tapas for World Tapas Day

Vegan Tapas of Spain

​Hip hip hooray, it’s World Tapas Day! These small, appetizer-sized dishes are not only a quintessential part of Spanish cuisine and culture, they are also a vegan traveller’s best friend. Now, travelling in Spain is actually not nearly as difficult as most people imagine. There are, in fact, quite a few naturally…

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Not-to-Miss Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Zaragoza, Spain

Veggie Restaurants in Zaragoza, Spain - vegan travel

The word is out that Madrid and Barcelona have recently become vegan hotspots in Europe. Earlier this year, Barcelona even declared itself to be a “veg-friendly city” and a “friend of vegan and vegetarian culture”. But what about Spain’s smaller, less touristy cities? Outside of the country’s major metropolitan areas, most…

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