Why These Are the Best Vegan Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

Guest article by Sara Binde.The Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco Vegans used to have trouble finding food to eat when traveling. Limited vegan options meant being stuck with bland salads and hummus for most meals.Luckily, in the San Francisco Bay Area you’ll have the opposite problem. There’s an overwhelming number…

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Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in New Orleans

Where to Find the New Orleans Vegan Restaurants

Guest article by Honica SharmaNew Orleans Vegan Restaurants & Vegan-Friendly RestaurantsThis year, my parents planned to give my sister and me a musical education by taking us on a U.S. road trip to cities renowned for their musical history. We began in New Orleans, Louisiana, a beautiful city known for…

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8 Great Vegan Dining Options in Grand Rapids, Michigan

8 Great Places for Vegan Food Grand Rapids, Michigan

Guest article by Megan Anne Wright.Vegan Food Grand Rapids RestaurantsAfter eight glorious years of living in small-town-big-sky Montana, I recently decided to return to my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a bit of a foodie, the prospect of living in a city with more prolific dining options was pretty enthralling.…

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