Fast Food Goes Vegan in Italy

Fast Food Goes Vegan in Italy

While pasta is probably what first comes to mind when you think about Italian food, and rightly so, pasta dishes are not well suited to the frenetic pace of modern life.

Let’s face it, it’s just not that easy to slurp up a plate of spaghetti all’arrabbiata as you dash between errands on your lunch break. While there are plenty of pizza a taglio (pizza by the slice) joints to fill this need, in recent decades other forms of fast food have also invaded Italy’s streets.

Take a walk down Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – the main artery running through Rome’s city centre – and you will see no shortage of kebab shops, sandwich stalls, and yes, even the ubiquitous golden arches.

In the past, these places have included few if any plant-based options, making their “convenience” rather obsolete for vegans. All this has changed, however, with the arrival of two exciting new players on the fast food scene in Italy.

One is called Veggy Days,  the other Universo Vegano. Both are national chains with new locations popping up all around the country in cities of all sizes, and both are 100 percent vegan.

UPDATE May 2020: Things sure do change quickly in the plant-based food world! Veggy Days no longer exists, although the branch in Florence still operates under a different name, Il Vegano.

Universo Vegano has also rebranded as O'Vita, although some branches seem to have kept the old branding, while others have closed. According to their new website, they currently have branches in Parma, Cagliari, Verona, Savona, Bari, Padova and Florence.

Overall, though, the vegan movement in Italy is growing very quickly! Check out my ultimate vegan guide to Italy to see the many different options.

Universo Vegano - vegan fast food in Italy

Universo Vegano was the first vegan fast food chain in Italy

Universo Vegano is a bit like a hamburger joint, kebab shop, pizzeria, hot dog stand, piadineria and fancy restaurant dessert trolley all rolled into one and veganized.

While their original focus was on fast food options ranging from mushroom burgers to focacce to a whole series of piadine (known as veghine here), they’ve recently expanded the menu to include a broad range of pizza, risotto and even pasta dishes like lasagne and cannelloni.

The dessert menu really rounds off the offerings here, making Universo Vegano a one-stop shop for any possible craving you might have for Italian food. When they first opened they had a few vegan sweets, including a chocolate and pear tart and even a tiramisu (called a vegamisu in typical Universo Vegano fashion).

While I was thrilled to be able to enjoy tiramisu again, I had to admit that it didn’t really live up to my memories of the espresso-flavored dessert par excellence. Since then, however, they have revamped and expanded their dessert menu, which now outdoes even most non-vegan establishments in the country.

Universo Vegano Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Tiramisu - vegan fast food in Italy

The tiramisu at Universo Vegano is out of this world!

Seriously, the cakes and tarts now on offer at Universo Vegano look even better than what you would find in a typical Italian restaurant. While I’ve not yet had the chance to try all of them, I can say with confidence that the tiramisu is phenomenal! It ranks among the best I’ve ever tasted, vegan or not.

Another change I’ve noticed at Universo Vegano is in their messaging about veganism. The first time I visited their location in Rome just off Campo de’ Fiori, the walls were covered with pictures of farmed animals.

While the slogan “friends not food” is still stenciled onto the wallpaper, the animal photos have been replaced with artsy images of beans, grains and other staples of a healthy plant-based diet.

I suppose the owners are experimenting to see which message is most effective – something we should all be doing if we care about saving as many lives as possible.

Universo Vegano - vegan fast food in Italy

Animals are "friends not food" at Universo Vegano

Like Universo Vegano, in the short time since it first opened Veggy Days has also been experimenting with different offerings. Franchise owners can choose between two modules: the fast food option known as Veggy Burger or the more upscale version called Veggy Risto.

In addition, owners may choose to add the Veggy Café and Veggy Hour module (a café and bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks), the Veggy Market module (a shop selling vegan staples like nutritional yeast, beans and lentils, as well as sweet and savory snacks), or the new Veggy Pizza module (serving…you guessed it! Vegan pizza).

Veggy DAys - vegan fast food in Italy

Veggy Days in Milan

I had the pleasure of visiting the Milan location just a couple of months after its grand opening. Here the owners have opted for the Veggy Burger module along with the optional Veggy Café, Veggy Hour and Veggy Market.

Even though I was a bit disappointed not to be able to try out the delicious-looking Risto menu with its carbonara and its gnocchi gratinati, the Veggy Burger menu does actually include a number of non-burger dishes, such as “magic forest risotto” and seitan with peas and porcini mushrooms.

It also has a pleasant atmosphere that makes it feel more like a proper restaurant than Universo Vegano. While the format is still “self-service”, meaning you order at the counter, the dining area is filled with proper chairs and tables rather than bar stools and counter tops.

The fact that they manage to provide such an attractive atmosphere and high-quality, organic food while still charging fast food prices is truly impressive.

Veggy Days - fast food in Italy

Veggy Days offers fast food with a touch of class

All over Italy, the fast food landscape is becoming more healthy, sustainable and compassionate every day.

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Fast Food Goes Vegan in Italy

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  1. Oh gosh! those tiramisu look so delish!

  2. It appears to be a great place in my next trip to Italy will visit and enjoy these delicacies … :)

    • Hi Stephany,
      Yes, I recommend both Veggy Days and Universo Vegano for anyone planning a trip to Italy. If you have a sweet tooth, you especially don’t want to miss the desserts at Universo Vegano!

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    Veggy days is my favourite place where I can eat all type of vegetarian food.If you are really foody, then you must have to visit this place.

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  4. hi Wendy Werneth me and My wife on a trip to Rome and Naples Do you know Delis or manufacturers for vegan cheese can be eating and visit in them?

    • Hi Yoav! I know of a few vegan cheese manufacturers in Italy. I’m not sure if they accept visitors to their factories, but you can certainly ask them! There’s one in Rome called Dall’Albero, so that’s probably the most convenient one for you. Otherwise, there’s Pangea Food in Arezzo, La Casara Veg near Milan, and Artigiana Vegana near Venice. I believe some of these also make plant-based meats in addition to cheese. Have a great trip, and let me know if you get a chance to taste any of these!

  5. I appreciate your post, those tiramisu look so amazing :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. That tiramisu looks soooo delicious! Yum :)

  7. Madison Westerfield

    If you’re looking for new vegan restaurants here in Italy you should definitely check out the chains flowerburger and thats vapore!! I am an American student living in Milan and these are some of the places I just happened to stumble across. They are reasonably priced and have an absolutely adorable interior.

    • Hi Madison,
      Thanks for the tip! I’ve eaten at Flower Burger in Rome and loved it, but I haven’t heard of That’s Vapore! I will be in Milan for a few days next March, so I’ll be sure to check it out.

  8. Healthy and tasty food and cozy places make a perfect match. Congratulations for the post!

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