Got Vegan Problems? Share Them Here!

Got Vegan Problems?

Update 18 August 2016: The "Vegan Problems" survey is now closed. Thanks so much to those who gave their input! I have read all your comments and am now hard at work creating a series of online courses to address your biggest challenges. Stay tuned!

I've got some exciting news! An amazing opportunity has come up that's going to make it possible for me to spread the vegan message further and help a whole lot more people to go vegan and stay vegan by working through the difficult social situations we often face. You know, vegan problems. Travel being just one of them. Here's the deal:

Have you heard about the Food Choices movie? Maybe not, because it hasn't officially been released yet. But you will hear about it, I'm sure.

I managed to catch a sneak preview of it back in April, and I was really impressed. Whereas I often recommend that people watch the trilogy of Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy and Earthlings to understand the three biggest reasons to go vegan, I get it that not everyone has a spare six hours.

What's great about Food Choices is that it incorporates all three aspects (human health, the environment, and compassion for animals) into a single film. The director, Michal Siewierski, brings the viewer along on his own personal journey as he comes to realize what a huge impact our food choices have on our own health, the health of the planet, and the animals we share this planet with.

The film will be officially released in September 2016, and along with it Michal Siewierski and Dr. Pam Popper will be launching the Food Choices Academy for Health Studies. This is where you and I come in.

The Food Choices Academy and The Nomadic Vegan

Michal has asked me to create a series of online courses for vegans and aspiring vegans, to help them navigate the difficult social situations they often face. And I can't wait to get started!

But I need your help to do it. I'm not asking for money; just five minutes of your time.

You see, I need to know what those social situations are that you are struggling with the most. I know travel is a big one for a lot of people, but I also know there are many more.

The Thanksgiving dinners with your family. The business lunches with clients. The birthday parties that your kid gets invited to.​

Whatever your challenges are, I would really love to hear about them. I've put together just a few quick questions, and if you could answer them I'd be ever so grateful. In fact, to thank you for your time, I'm offering you a coupon valid for 40% off the course of your choice as soon as it launches.

Sound like a good deal? Then let's do this. Click the blue button below to tell me your troubles!

Update: The "Vegan Problems" survey is now closed, and I'm hard at working creating online courses to help vegans and aspiring vegans navigate tricky social situations. If you'd like to hear about the courses when they're released, just click the blue button below!

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