How 1 Book Can Spare 10 Lives

Help Animals - How 1 Book Can Spare 10 Lives

When people ask me why I’m vegan, I usually say that there are many reasons. And while that’s true, my biggest reason by far is because I want to help animals and spare them from unnecessary suffering. Can you relate?

Once we become aware of the immensity of the suffering caused by animal agriculture, that knowledge feels overwhelming. It even leads some people into deep depression and anger with the world.

And while I do carry that sadness with me, the way I overcome those negative emotions is by doing something that will make a positive difference for the animals.

It’s why I became vegan, why I started this blog, and why I devote as much of my time and energy as I can to spreading the vegan message and making vegan living easy and accessible.

I wrote my new vegan food guide, Veggie Planet, because I want people to know about the many vegan options available to them when traveling or eating out. Because each time a person chooses a vegan meal over a non-vegan one, an animal is spared from suffering.

And while that alone would have been a good enough reason to put Veggie Planet out into the world, I’ve now found an even more powerful way to help animals directly through the book.

With the #1Book10Lives campaign, every time a copy of Veggie Planet is sold, 10 animals’ lives will be spared.

The Inspiration for #1Book10Lives

The inspiration for this campaign came from an author named Chandler Bolt, who wrote a book with his brother Seth called Breaking Out of a Broken System. For every copy they sold, they donated money to Palmetto Medical Initiative – an organization that provides healthcare in impoverished communities.

The amount donated for each book was enough to buy a life-saving anti-malaria pill for a child, so they used the hashtag #1Book1Life to promote the campaign.

I thought it was an awesome way to leverage the power of a book, and I immediately wondered whether I could do the same thing to help animals. But was anyone collecting data to show how much it costs to spare an animal’s life?

The answer is ‘yes’.

How the Humane League Helps Animals

The Humane League is an organization that works relentlessly to reduce animal suffering through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment.

They are ranked as one of the Top 3 Charities by Animal Charity Evaluators, proving that they are an ideal example of effective advocacy. And man oh man, are they effective.

This data-driven organization is constantly seeking to optimize the impact of their activities. As a result, money that is donated to them goes a loooong way and is able to help more animals than I had ever imagined.

My vision of a #1Book1Life campaign to help animals suddenly became a #1Book10Lives campaign!

With tens of billions of animals currently suffering under animal agriculture, obviously the data can only provide rough estimates of how many animals are helped through The Humane League’s work.

But even at the lowest end of the estimates published by Animal Charity Evaluators, the money I am donating for every copy of Veggie Planet sold is enough to spare 10 animals’ lives.

That’s a pretty strong motivator for me to get the word out about this book and get it into the hands of as many people as possible. Not only will the book help the person who reads it by showing them just how vegan-friendly their favorite world cuisines really are, it will also help animals at the same time!

Would you like to help me help animals? Here are two easy ways you can help:

1. Buy a copy of Veggie Planet.

Veggie Planet is available worldwide on Amazon. Inside the book, you'll also be given access to a whole pack of special bonus materials, at no extra charge.

You can find out more about Veggie Planet and the free bonus package on Amazon.

2. Share about the book on social media using the #1Book10Lives hashtag.

I’ve made this really easy for you by creating some pre-made tweets and images that you can share on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, you’re more than welcome to get creative and post something original, but if you’d like a little inspiration take a look at the posts below.

You’re also welcome to post on Facebook, Pinterest, or any other platform you like. Heck, you can print out the images and stick them on your cubicle wall at work if you want! But since Twitter and Instagram are where hashtags are used most, I’ve tailored the pre-made posts for those platforms.

Thank you so much for your support. Let’s see how many animals we can help together!

Help Animals by Sharing These Images and Posts:

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Pigs Dreaming - Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign
Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign
Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign
Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign
Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign
Help Animals with the #1Book10Lives Veggie Planet Campaign

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  1. I am wondering what percentage or dollar amount of each book is donated to The Humane League. How does that equate to 10 animals? Thank you for your work. You are an inspiration.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for asking! The figure is based on Animal Charity Evaluators’ review of The Humane League. In that review, ACE estimates that for every 1,000 dollars donated to THL, the activities funded would spare between 100,000 and 1.7 million animals from life in industrial agriculture. I am donating 10 cents for every copy sold, so at the lowest end of that scale, this translates to 10 animals spared. At the high end, it translates to 170 lives spared by every book!

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