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Vegan eating in the Atlanta Airport

With Christmas just around the corner, I know many of you will soon be travelling, so I thought it would be a great time for another edition of the Sky High Vegan series. This time, we'll be taking a vegan tour of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia! Did you know that Atlanta has held the title of the world's busiest airport every year since 2000?!

Which means there will be quite a few hungry herbivores passing through here in the next couple of weeks. As you might expect, this place is huge and is divided into no less than seven concourses, which are connected by a free shuttle train. Luckily, all the concourses have vegan and veg-friendly options.

Concourse T

Confusingly, the first concourse is not Concourse A, but Concourse T. Why? I have no idea. Vegan options are actually somewhat limited in this particular section, but don't worry, it only gets better from here. If you're flying in or out of Concourse T and aren't tempted by the two options listed below, you might try to give yourself a few extra minutes to head over to Concourse A for a bite to eat.

Jamba Juice (Gate T3)

Jamba Juice - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Vegan options include the açaí trio or açaí bliss energy bowls (both made with soy milk) and the steel-cut oatmeal. Sadly, the three new vegan smoothies that were recently released at other locations are not available here. However, the Protein Berry Workout Smoothie and the Fit 'n' Fruitful Peach Mango Smoothie are both vegan.

Subway (Gate T6)

Subway - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Nothing too exciting here, but you can always rely on a Veggie Delite sub or salad. According to the Subway website, vegan bread options are: 9-grain wheat, hearty Italian, Italian white, roasted garlic, sourdough and the wrap. Vegan sauce options are: buffalo sauce, fat free sweet onion, guacamole, mustard, oil and vinegar, and Subway vinaigrette.

Concourse A

Top Picks:

P.F. Chang’s (A Centrepoint)

P.F. Chang's - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Compared to most other airport eateries, this is a more upscale restaurant serving Chinese food. There are a couple of vegan main dishes, namely the Buddha's Feast and Coconut Curry Vegetables. They also have lots of yummy-sounding starters and side dishes, like Orange Ginger Edamame, Spinach with Garlic, and Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps.

Qdoba Mexican Grill (A Centrepoint)

Qdoba Mexican Grill - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This express location does not offer the full Qdoba menu. Based on information gathered by other vegan bloggers, such as veganmasterlist, the vegan options here seem to consist of the vegetarian burrito (without the sour cream and cheese) and the tortilla chips with salsa and/or guacamole.

Other Options:

Freshens (Gate A25)

Freshens - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

There are several Freshens locations in the airport, but all of them seem to offer only smoothies, crêpes and yogurt. Most of the smoothies are made with sorbet and thus should be vegan.

Great Wraps (A Centrepoint)

Great Wraps - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Here you can get a hummus veggie wrap.

Varasano's Pizzeria (A Centrepoint)

Varasano's pizzeria - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

The 10-inch thin crust pizzas here are made to order and thus can be made without cheese on request.

Concourse B

Top Picks:

Fresh to Order (B Centrepoint)

Fresh to Order - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

The lentil soup is about the only thing on the menu that is vegan as is. BUT, on their website they provide a vegan menu listing all the items that can be veganized and the substitutions needed to make them vegan. There are actually quite a few options, including four different sandwiches (on ciabatta bread), three salads and several side dishes. It's all a bit too complex to list here, so check out the menu for yourself.

Willy's Mexicana Grill (B Centrepoint)

Willy's Mexicana Grill - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This Mexican take-away has made-to-order tacos, burritos and burrito bowls, all of which come in veggie or tofu versions (you just need to ask for no cheese). You could also get the tortilla chips with salsa and/or guacamole, and the beans and rice here is also vegan.

Lottafrutta (Gate B23)

Lottafrutta - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This “gourmet fruit house and market” offers several varieties of fresh fruit cups, all of which are vegan except the dolce vita. They also have fresh juices, and the salads are customizable, so you could order one with no animal products. You might also try ordering the “just veggin'” grilled sandwich without the havarti cheese, which would leave you with avocado, tomato, cucumber and sprouts.

Other Options:

Freshens (Gate B9)

Freshens - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

See description under Concourse A above.

Concourse C

Top Picks:

Fresh Healthy Café (Gate C45)

Fresh Healthy Café  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Sadly, the Gardein chick'n that's available at other locations is not offered here. Nevertheless, several menu items are vegetarian and can be made to order without cheese as a wrap, panini or salad. Some smoothies are already vegan, such as the Kale Pineapple and the Jolly Green Kiwi, and others can be made with soy milk on request. Overall, this place lives up to its name and has lots of healthy options. Pictured here is the hummus wrap, which was quite tasty!

Hummus wrap from Fresh Healthy Café - vegan food in the Atlanta airport

The Original El Taco (Gate C14)

The Original El Taco  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

There's a taco here called the Vegan Mercado! So yeah, get that. The rice and beans are also vegan, but the tortilla soup is made with chicken broth.

Baja Fresh Express (Gate C44)

Baja Fresh  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

According to the most recent information I found, the tortillas, rice and beans at Baja Fresh are all vegan. This opens up a number of options here, including the burritos, tacos, baja bowl, or tostada with no cheese or sour cream. Obviously, in step 2 where you “pick what goes inside” you would choose veggies.

Other Options:

French Meadow Bakery & Café (Gate C40)

French Meadow Bakery and Café - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This is a small kiosk version of the very vegan-friendly restaurant by the same name located in Concourse F. You should be able to find a vegan Mediterranean Wrap or Spa Salad here, and maybe a fruit cup or some hummus and pretzels.

Pino Gelato (Gate C14)

Pino Gelato  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

The lemon, limoncello, mango and blood orange sorbet flavours are vegan.

Concourse D

Top Picks:

Chipotle Mexican Grill (Gate D29)

Chipotle Mexican Grill  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This chain is a solid option that most vegans in the States will be familiar with. Vegan items include the burritos, tacos (soft or crispy), or bowls with any of these ingredients: sofritas, beans (pinto or black), rice (white or brown), fajita vegetables, guacamole, chips and salsa. I was happy to see the Sofritas (shredded tofu) being advertised as a featured item that is “suitable for carnivores and vegans alike”.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill (D Centrepoint)

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

All menu items can be ordered in the form of a gyro, plate salad, pita or wrap. Once you choose your format, you then have to choose a “protein”. Ugh, I hate it when people misuse that word. The options in this category are mostly dead animals, but apparently falafel and portobello mushrooms are also “proteins”. Whatever. The third step is to choose your side dishes, all of which appear to be vegan. So if you can look past their misunderstanding of macronutrients, there are actually plenty of good options here, earning it a place in the “Top Picks” section.

Concourse E

Top Picks:

Nature's Table (E Centrepoint)

Nature's Table Bistrot - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

I contacted the management here, and they confirmed that the following options are vegan: Steamed Vegetables, Brown Rice, Veggie Chili, Hearty Vegetable Soup, Fruit Salad, Veggie Wrap (ask for no cheese), Rainbow Rotini, Garden Salad (ask for no egg), Spring Mix Salad, and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice.
[Update: According to a reader, Nature's Table now serves a vegan salad that includes kale, chickpeas and cranberries, among other things.]

Other Options:

Qdoba Mexican Grill (E Centrepoint)

Qdoba Mexican Grill - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Other vegan blogs, such as veganmasterlist, have confirmed that the tortillas and chips here are vegan. This should mean that the vegan options at this express location are the vegetarian burrito (without the sour cream and cheese), and the tortilla chips with salsa and/or guacamole.

Villa Pizza Fresh Italian Kitchen (E Centrepoint)

Villa Pizza - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

Italian fast food is what's on offer here. The spaghetti marinara should be vegan, and you can add veggies or a salad for some extra nutrition. Likely vegan options among the antipasti (starters) are green salad, veggies and pasta.

Freshens (E Centrepoint)

Freshens - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

See description under Concourse A above.

Concourse F (For International Flights)

Top Picks:

French Meadow Bakery & Café (near F Mezzanine)

French Meadow Bakery & Café  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

In my pre-trip research I hadn't given this café much thought. French cuisine, after all, is not particularly vegan-friendly. Luckily, though, I poked my head in anyway and saw that the word "vegan" appears on the menu not once, not twice, but THREE times! The items specifically advertised as vegan are the black bean chili, the Mediterranean sprouted wrap and the spa salad. They also run a small kiosk in Concourse C that offers fruit cups, hummus and pretzels, etc.

The Original El Taco (F Mezzanine)

The Original El Taco  - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

See description under Concourse C above.

Other Options:

Pei Wei Asian Diner (F Mezzanine)

Pei Wei Asian Diner - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

The menu states that vegetarian versions of the Honey Seared Chicken and the Japanese Terikyaki Chicken are available. I asked about this, and apparently they replace the chicken with snap peas, broccoli and carrots in the vegetarian version, though obviously the Honey Seared Chicken would still have honey in it. Vegetable spring rolls and edamame are also available.

Ecco (F Mezzanine)

Ecco - vegan food in the Atlanta Airport

This is an upscale European/Mediterranean restaurant. If you want to sit and relax in a nice atmosphere while you enjoy a meal then you could order the spaghetti with tomatoes, olives and capers (make sure they don't sprinkle cheese on top). Or you could try ordering the panini with roasted squash, peppers and eggplant (hold the yoghurt and Grana Padano cheese). They also have some nice-sounding side dishes, like salt roasted beets, beluga lentils, pickled red onions, grilled radicchio and Calabrian chiles.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should be plenty to get you started. If you discover any more great finds in Atlanta, share them in the comments below! For more information on the eateries listed here, including opening times and phone numbers, check out the Atlanta airport's website

Happy Travels!

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Vegan Options in the Atlanta Georgia Airport

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I’ll be flying through Atlanta this weekend and am so glad you’ve done the homework for me.

  2. Carraba’s Grill on Concourse D. Vegan minestrone soup is hearty and satisfying!

  3. Thank you so much for this great website. Changing planes in Atlanta and I was very hungry and the veggie wrap at : Great Wraps was great!

  4. Hi! Atlanta native here — great list but there is also Grindhouse Killer Burgers in both T and D with vegan options.

    Oh and T stands for Terminal Gates since, well, it’s at the Terminal. ?

  5. Longhorn Steak House – of all places, I was able to find a large hearty bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, with toppings like dried fruit, granola, brown sugar. They also have breakfast potatoe wedges for a side! I triple checked with the cooks that the oatmeal was made with water first! Definitely recommend for breakfast. This was in Concourse C I believe.

  6. Maribeth abrams

    Awesome write-ups, helped me A LOT ! Keep up the great work! I went to garbanzo cafe and got an amazing falafel sw with fantastic additions such as baba ganoush and picked red cabbage.

  7. This post saved me a lot of time during a connection after a trans-Atlantic flight. Semantics aside, I got a huge bowl of yummy stuff from Garbanzo. When I went to another place to get my brewed unsweet tea (welcome back to the South!) the woman who rang me up commented on how good it looked. Thank you!

  8. Wish I’d seen this before I transited at Atlanta last year! Good for next time though. What an incredible amount of hard work you’ve done. Thank you x

  9. Balint Pinczehelyi

    Thx for your hard weork for this website.
    Very useful.
    Atlanta, Terminal B, Fresh to Order:
    The Oatmeal seems vegan as long as it is ordered without the butter.

  10. The Asian place in A cooks the mixed veggies in beef broth.

  11. Fabienne Meuleman

    Thank you for the recommendations! I am on a layover and found your page by googling vegan food at the airport. Eating right now the #1 from Nature’s Table Bistro with the vegan chili on top of brown rice and veggies. Another time I might try a salad instead of the veggies yet I would get again the vegan chili and brown rice!

  12. Fridays in terminal b has the beyond beef veggie burger, just ask them to hold th Friday’s sauce and cheese.

  13. Thanks so Much!!!!

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