Why Eating Out in Bali is Vegan Heaven

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Guest article by Candy Tolentino.

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One of my favorite things to do as a vegan is to travel and seek out vegan-friendly haunts in different cities around the world.

I have eaten delicious vegan food from New York to Los Angeles, all over Europe, and in different parts of Africa. I’ve even had the best-ever vegan cheese in Bangkok. I KNOW good vegan!

True story: I once took a detour on my trip from Cyprus to Paris just to visit an elegant raw food restaurant in Athens. I know most people visit Athens to see the Acropolis. I went to check out the raw ravioli!

So, as you can see, having meaningful culinary experiences during my travels is serious business to me.

The first time I went to Bali, I did no prior research and was just drawn in by a vegan Bali food retreat. I had no idea of the sheer volume and grandiosity of the vegan food scene there.

I have since traveled back to Bali three times and have simply fallen in love. In addition to all the luxury resorts in Bali, there is so much to be mystified by there, and the vegan food is certainly at the top of the list, at least for me.

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Bali sunset and palm trees - vegan Bali

Bali is more than beaches, palm trees and sunsets. The vegan Bali food scene is amazing too!

In fact, I love it so much, I’m now hosting my own “Healing and Adventure Retreats” in Bali with vegan-friendly menus! But more on that in a moment.

I might have titled this piece “how I ate my way through Bali”, because that’s basically the long and short of it.

Vegan Bali: Kuta

I’ll start off in the super-touristic area of Kuta. I always begin my travels there, as it’s right next to the airport and makes a quick and easy stop after a long day of travel. I also happen to like the place, despite the fact that I don’t drink OR party late into the night.

Kuta is no Ubud, or even Canggu, where the word “vegan” practically lines the streets. Kuta is the hub of Australian tourism, with lots of hustle and bustle, but somehow still manages to exude a remote charm.

It’s very mainstream though, so imagine my surprise when, while walking along one of the busiest streets in the tourist area, I happened upon a sign that said “vegan and vegetarian specialties here”.

Il Tempio

couscous in Kuta - vegan Bali

Gourmet vegan dining at a mainstream tourist restaurant in Kuta.

Indonesian food — with its signature tempeh, rice, tofu, noodles, curries, and many vegetable dishes — never leaves you never short on vegan choices no matter where you go. But to see a sign pointing out vegan specialties in this part of the island makes me very excited.

What excited me even more was what was to come when I ordered. Who knew that in a very mainstream, touristy restaurant, I’d find such an artfully-prepared, imaginative, healthy, gourmet vegan dish?!

I truly loved the creative blending of the couscous with the perfectly-grilled vegetables and the delicately-spiced vegan pesto on the side.

The salad with the “beet caviar” (who in the freak has ever heard of beet caviar!?) proved to be the absolute perfect compliment. I was awe-struck.  Pure culinary pleasure.

Vegan Bali: Ubud

Of course Ubud — the spiritual, arts, and cultural mecca of Bali — has plenty of vegan food choices. There are too many to count, but here are some highlights.

Candy at Clear Cafe in Ubud - vegan Bali

Me in Clear Cafe in Ubud. Can you just feel the glow of this place?

Clear Cafe

Something about this restaurant just makes my heart sing. Sadly, it burned to the ground a little more than a year ago, but it has since been restored to perfection.

The menu is super vegan-friendly, and the food actually TASTES like it was infused with love. I’d say this is a must-go-to in Bali.

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Clear Cafe “Made Raw Pizza”- inexpensive, satisfying, flavorful and fresh-tasting

My favorite thing on the menu? Dessert! Their vegan brownie a la mode is what living tastes like.


Alchemy is another raw-food hot spot in Ubud. It has great atmosphere, the best salad bar in the world (I know, I know, it’s a SALAD BAR, but it’s really good!) and genuinely well-flavored food that makes you forget you’re eating raw.

The raw Vietnamese spring rolls at Alchemy are perfect for a starter or snack.


Oh, dear Soma, where you can eat, lounge on real couches, play musical instruments and meet lots of traveling hippies. This popular Ubud hangout is a café, shop, and community gathering space all in one. Much of the menu is raw, and the focus is on fresh, local ingredients. Good intentions all over this place, and good food too.

Check out this Tower of Power at Soma!

The Seeds of Life

Another great place to get a raw food pizza is at The Seeds of Life raw vegan café in Ubud. I eat a lot of raw vegan in Bali, maybe because of the heat, but also because it’s so plentiful and just darn good!

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Seeds of Life raw vegan pizza - vegan Bali

The Seeds of Life have really mindful, innovative food, and I just LOVE their (bamboo?!) utensils!

These are some of my favorite spots in the vegan Bali food scene, but there are just too many more to list! You could eat in a different restaurant in Bali literally every day for a year and still not exhaust all of the amazing vegan food choices.

But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself … or join me!

I’m hosting “The Ultimate Healing Retreat” (for women) and “The Ultimate Adventure Retreat” (for singles) in April 2018, where I will take you on your own decadent guided food tour, as well as to visits with local healers, a top-rated Balinese cooking class, beach and waterfall excursions and much more!

You can get 50% off by using this code now through March 3rd, 2018: FRIEND50

You can even get a chance to win this entire trip for FREE, including airfare, by entering the giveaway below.

I hope you enjoy food, adventure, and new discoveries as much as I do, and I hope to see you in vegan Bali!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Candy chose the winning name live on Facebook on 15 March 2018. Watch the video below to find out who won.

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Candy Tolentino

Candy Tolentino

Candy Tolentino is a speaker, entrepreneur, author, and success coach who had to learn the hard way how to achieve success after losing everything. In less than a year, Candy recovered, going from financially broke, overweight, depressed, and aimless, to financially free, joyous, fit, and succeeding in several business ventures.

She now takes great joy in teaching others how to thrive, overcome setbacks, succeed in business, and live with meaning and purpose, so that they too may win the game of life ... at any age. You can find Candy’s book “How To Win The Game of Life After 40 - Proven Techniques to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness NOW”, launching Mother’s Day 2018, on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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  1. That’s a fantastic list of eateries and those pictures are so inviting…. !!

  2. Wendy! You haven’t been since 2004??! I am SHOCKED! From what I hear, it’s a completely different place now! (I never went until 2015!) As you can see, a vegan mecca now, and with yoga places on every other block. I simply love it! You have to make your way back asap, seriously! :):)

    • Ha ha, yes I know! And I wasn’t vegan back then, so I wasn’t really looking especially for those types of places. I’d love to go back, it’s just that Southeast Asia is the one region of the world that I’ve already covered extremely thoroughly, and I tend to prefer exploring new places rather than revisiting ones I’ve already been to. But I’m sure Bali would be worth a visit just for the food alone!

      • SERIOUSLY would! (But then again, I’m a girl who will go to Athens just for the raw vegan ravioli). 🙂 Someday soon I’m sure you will find yourself back there…after you explore the 50 other countries perhaps you haven’t visited yet that are worth seeing! 😉

  3. Loving your recipes , Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize…..

  4. Can you recommend any places to stay in Bali? I may be visiting for the weekend next month as I’m travelling to KL for work!

  5. That’s very interesting and informative as well .Thanks.

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