Vegan Restaurant Guide to Naples, Italy

Vegan Naples Italy Restaurant Guide

Planning a visit to Naples, Italy but worried about where to find vegan food? Naples is a fascinating city to explore and also serves as the perfect base for a number of day trips in the region of Campania. And as for the vegan food in Naples, just keep reading.

Wrong Naples?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this article is about vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Naples, Italy, also known as Napoli. Looking for vegan food in Naples, Florida instead?

Try True Food Kitchen or  Juicelation in North Naples.

Still here? OK great. Let's get to the good stuff.

Naples has a variety of vegan, vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants that take pride in offering 100 percent vegan dishes. And in fact, it’s easy to find vegan options in traditional Neapolitan restaurants too, as the local cuisine already includes plenty of plant-based dishes.

This article will focus mainly on the fully vegetarian and vegan restaurants Naples has to offer, but I’ve also included a few mainstream restaurants with vegan options as well.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just vegcurious, you are sure to enjoy the healthy veggie-filled dishes (and the occasional vegan junk food treat) at these Naples eateries.

And if your trip includes other part of Italy, be sure to check out my ultimate vegan guide to Italy.

Vegan Naples Restaurant Guide

Includes vegan, vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Naples

Vegan Restaurants Naples

1. 'O Grin

'O Grin Vegan Restaurant Naples Italy

'O Grin Vegan Restaurant Naples Italy

‘O Grin was the first completely vegan takeaway to open in Naples. It’s been around for several years now and continues to be the first choice for many locals.

Located in the university zone of the historic center, it is invaded at lunch by customers who know very well how delicious and high quality the food is here. The dishes change each day and are always made with local ingredients.

‘O Grin uses eco-friendly packaging and offers bike home delivery, and the staff are incredibly kind and welcoming. They also have a sense of humor and write funny messages in Italian on the chalkboard outside. Ask a local to translate for you.

2. Cavoli Nostri

Cavoli Nostri - vegan restaurant Naples Italy

Cavoli Nostri Vegan Restaurant Naples Italy

Whereas ‘O Grin was the first vegan takeaway in Naples, Cavoli Nostri was the first vegan Italian restaurant in Naples with its own seating area. It has become a favorite due to its tasty and colorful dishes, as well as the warm welcome from the staff.

They choose the ingredients very carefully and use organic produce whenever possible. The menu changes according to what’s in season, so you can be sure that what you are eating is local and fresh.

The mixed platter of antipasti is a good place to start when dining here. It includes a variety of bruschette with inventive toppings, as well as polenta squares and falafel.

I had read in an online review that the platter included arancini, but I think the reviewer must have confused these with the quinoa and spinach balls. I was a little disappointed not to find arancini on the menu, but the balls were still quite tasty.

If you’re into raw food, you’ll also find some raw vegan options on the menu. But what people really go wild for at Cavoli Nostri are the desserts, including the fabulous tiramisù.

3. Sbuccia e Bevi - Green Fruit Bar

This place started out as just a takeaway but has expanded to become a fully-fledged vegan restaurant.

Prices are very reasonable and portions are large, so if you’re on a tight budget this is a great option. The menu is quite large and includes traditional vegan Italian dishes such as ribollita, as well as more international vegan fare like tofu, seitan and veggie burgers.

Looking for a vegan version of a typical Neapolitan dessert? Try the vegan babà, which are extremely popular. Gluten free and raw vegan dishes are also available.

4. Officina Vegana

Located in the historic center of Naples, Officina Vegana is a small place that functions mainly as a takeaway but also has a few seats for diners.

Prices here are also pretty low, and yet Officina Vegana still manages to use high-quality, organic ingredients. The focus is on healthy but tasty vegan cuisine.

If you are getting a bit tired of pizza and pasta, this is a good place to come. The menu is quite varied, and everything is made in house, including the tofu and seitan.

5. Milkaway -- CLOSED

Milkaway Vegan Naples Italy Bakery and Takeaway

Milkaway Vegan Naples Italy Bakery and Takeaway

This tiny, all-vegan bakery is essentially just for takeaway. But what it lacks in space it makes up for with a big, warm welcome from the staff.

The cannoli served here are a reinvented, “improved” version of the classic Sicilian dessert. The cream is much lighter than the usual ricotta and is mixed with pieces of dark chocolate. Instead of the usual fried pastry shell, it’s wrapped up in a light, crispy wafer. All vegan, of course.

In addition to the sweet treats, you can also find vegetable-filled crêpes and other savory options.

Vegetarian Restaurants Naples

6. Vitto Pitagorico

This restaurant is located in front of the National Archaeological Museum, so it’s an obvious place to stop for a meal after you’ve had your museum fix. They specialize in vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan cuisine, and the menu includes a selection of dishes in all three of those categories.

If you’re looking for a pizza that’s made in the traditional Neapolitan style but with vegan cheese, this is a fantastic option. There are many different pizzas to choose from, and they can also make the crust with different flours, including hemp flour.

This is one of the few vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Naples that stay open late, so if you’re a night owl, it’s a godsend. Prices a bit higher than average here, considering the ambience and the quality of the food, it’s still good value.

The pizzas are the most economical option and range from about 8 to 12 euros. The pastas, cakes and vegan ice creams are also highly rated, but cost a bit more.

7. Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizza marinara at Da Michele Pizzeria in Naples Italy

Pizza Marinara at Da Michele Pizzeria in Naples Italy

Watch the video to see me taste test the pizza marinara at Da Michele!

The staff at Da Michele would probably never think to call it a vegetarian restaurant, but since they do serve only vegetarian food, it belongs in this section of the guide.

In fact, you could even say that half of the menu is vegan! That’s a bit misleading, though, because they only serve two dishes: pizza marinara and pizza margherita.

Da Michele is a super traditional and highly regarded Neapolitan pizzeria that has been around since 1870. Pizza marinara, which contains no cheese or other animal products, was the first pizza ever invented. Pizza margherita is similar, but with the addition of cheese.

For many Neapolitans, these are the only real pizzas, and old-school places like Da Michele don’t even bother with any other toppings.

The place is always packed, and you’ll probably have to take a number and queue to get in, but the line moves pretty quickly. It’s almost a rite of passage to eat at Pizzeria Da Michele when you’re in Naples.

8. Amico Bio -- Un Sorriso Integrale

This is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Naples and has been around for nearly 20 years. The name recently changed from Un Sorriso Integrale to Amico Bio, but the food and concept remains the same.

The prices are very reasonable, the location near Piazza Bellini in the old town can’t be beat, and it stays open late every night of the week.

You’ll see long queues outside many of the restaurants in this popular area, but you can usually get a table at Amico Bio without needing to reserve.

About 70 percent of the menu is vegan, and most of the other dishes can be made vegan on request.

You’ll find vegan versions of traditional Italian food here. The menu is laid out in typical Italian fashion with a variety of courses, starting with the antipasti and ending with dessert.

9. Vero Gastrobar

Vegan stuffed zucchini at Vero Gastrobar vegetarian restaurant in Naples Italy

Vegan stuffed fried zucchini flowers at Vero Gastrobar vegetarian restaurant in Naples Italy

This bar and restaurant in one serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan tapas as well as larger dishes. It’s conveniently located in the old town, and in addition to the yummy food there’s also a good selection of wines and draft beers.

A highlight of the menu is the fried zucchini flowers. This Italian specialty is normally stuffed with cow’s milk cheese, but at Vero Gastrobar they make it with a vegan ricotta that is flavored with citrus zest and is absolutely divine!

While many veg restaurants in Napoli close early in the evening, this one stays open until 1am, so it’s a great option for dinner or even an after-dinner drink. The renovated cellar downstairs is a cozy spot to enjoy a glass of the local Aglianico red wine.

10. Piperita 

There are plenty of traditional Neapolitan dishes that are already vegan. But if you want to taste vegan versions of some of the traditional dishes that are usually made with animal products, this is the place to come.

Vegan spaghetti alla carbonara, eggplant parmesan and tiramisu – you can find it all here and more.

The original location is a bit off the beaten track for most tourists but is easily accessible via the Piperita metro station. They’ve also opened a second location in Vomero, which is a bit closer to the city center.

You can also get traditional Naples pizza here with vegan cheese and a variety of different crusts. There’s lots of seating, so reservations are usually not necessary. Prices are quite reasonable too.

11. Rama Beach Café

Want to escape the city for a day and relax at the beach? You could do much worse than Rama Beach, with it’s lovely beach and pool chilled out Southeast Asian vibes and “vegfusion” café.

The owners fell in love with Indonesia when they traveled there, and they have created a little piece of Indonesia just outside of Naples on the Campania coast. The café is made almost entirely of wood, with a straw roof.

You can dine outside in the fresh air or enjoy the ambience and décor of the café. There are plenty of recreational facilities on the premises, so it’s a great relaxing getaway.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants Naples

While it’s great to see the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants growing in Naples, you don’t have to restrict your foodie explorations to these fully veg eateries.

There are also plenty of traditional Neapolitan dishes that are naturally vegan, and you can find these in the local Naples eateries all over town! I’ve listed a few here, and I’m also working on an article about vegan dishes in traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Watch this space!

12. CamBIOvita

The food at this cozy café is mostly vegetarian and vegan, apart from a few fish dishes. If you’re craving something other than pizza or pasta, this is a healthy alternative.

The food is simple café fare, focusing mainly on soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps and rice-based dishes. Freshly squeezed juices are also available

In addition to the small café, there’s also a shop on site that sells a variety of organic, fair trade and handmade items.

The menu is written on a chalkboard at the entrance. The café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and also offers takeaway and even delivery. Gluten free options are also available.

13. Mangiafoglia 

This is a rather, upscale, stylish restaurant with prices to match. Although the name of the restaurant literally means “eat leaves”, the menu is a mix of vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes.

The food served here is based on Italian traditions, but with a creative twist. The lunch special that allows you to create your own salad by choosing from a variety of ingredients is a good option for vegans.

On the dinner menu, vegan options include the pureed cauliflower, potatoes with cardoncelli and porcini mushrooms, crunchy croutons and crunchy peppers.

If you’re here on a weekend, you might get lucky and catch a live music performance. The wine selection is good and focuses on locally produced tipples.

14. Antica Trattoria da Carmine

Vegan Puttanesca at Antica Trattoria da Carmine, Napoli Italy

Vegan Puttanesca at Antica Trattoria da Carmine, Napoli Italy

This is a typical Neapolitan trattoria. They may not be consciously catering to vegan customers, but a number of dishes on the menu are already vegan by default, just because Neapolitan cuisine is one of the more plant based regional cuisines of Italy.

Take the spaghetti alla puttanesca, for example. In restaurants in Rome, this dish is made with anchovies, but here in Napoli it’s completely vegan.

Another good choice is the pasta e fagioli (a pasta and bean soup), and the staff can create a completely vegan antipasti platter for you on request.

The house wine is a steal here at three euros for a half liter. All in all, it’s a good place to experience a traditional Italian trattoria.

15. Cicol’e Ricott’

Vegan Pizza di Scarole at Cicol’e Ricott’ in Napoli Italy

Vegan Pizza di Scarole at Cicol’e Ricott’ in Napoli Italy

This small deli in the old town serves a few vegan items, such as crostini and pizza di scarole. The latter is not the type of pizza you’re used to, though

Rather, it’s a type of focaccia stuffed with escarole (a dark leafy green), capers, pine nuts and olives. The one here is vegan, but if you see it elsewhere be sure to ask. Some chefs use strutto (lard), and others will add ingredients like anchovies, sausage or cheese.

This place doesn’t seem to have a website or Facebook page, but you can check out their Google Maps entry for reviews and location.

16. Tandem

Vegan Ragù alla Scarpetta at Tandem in Napoli Italy

Vegan Ragù alla Scarpetta at Tandem in Napoli Italy

The ragù served at Tandem is generally considered to be the best in all of Naples. And that’s saying a lot, because ragù is a real institution in this city and is the quintessential Sunday meal for most Neapolitans.

While ragù in Bologna is made with meat, the ragù in Naples is often meatless. Yet another example of how Neapolitan cuisine is vegan friendly by default. Tandem has several vegan options on the menu, and they are all clearly marked.

You can have your ragù served over pasta or “scarpetta” style. Scarpetta is the word in Italian for when you take a piece of bread and mop up all the sauce and juices left on your plate at the end of the meal.

Why don’t we have a word for this in English, when it’s clearly one of life’s greatest pleasures?!

At Tandem, you can make your whole meal into a scarpetta extravaganza! You will be served a bowl of thick ragù with several slices of delicious Italian bread. Genius.

17. Scimmia Factory

Vegan Gelato at Scimmia Factory in Napoli Italy

Vegan Gelato at Scimmia Factory in Napoli Italy

You can’t go to Italy without tasting the famous Italian gelato. It’s clearly the best ice cream in the world.

The various fruit flavors at this gelateria are all vegan, and so is their cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate) gelato. To top it off, they also have vegan and gluten-free cones.

The fondente is dark and delicious, and the cones are good too. The service is also very friendly.

A cone with two scoops to take away is 2.50, but be aware that it costs more to sit at the tables outside.

Map of Vegan Naples Italy

Below is a Google Map of all the vegan-friendly, vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Naples described in this guide.

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  1. When I was in Switzerland, some of my friends laughed at the fact of vegan cheese:) How is it in Italy? Can we expect pizzas or other traditional Italian dishes that have cheese with its vegan replacement?

    • It’s becoming more common! It’s still not the norm, but there are several pizzerias in Naples for example that offer vegan cheese. Though to be honest, when I’m in Naples I prefer the original pizza marinara, which is made without cheese anyway. Best pizza in the world, hands down.

  2. Great guide, thanks. Do you know if the pasta at Tandem is vegan?

  3. Very helpful article. My partner was originally from the area so liked seeing here how vegan options have improved. Thank you.

    • That’s great, I’m glad you and your partner enjoyed the article! Yes, there are lots more vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Naples than there used to be, although the traditional local cuisine includes some vegan-friendly dishes too.

  4. Thanks for the article! Was looking for a similar listicle. Would you happen to know if kosher friendly cheese (i.e. cheese made without animal rennet) is an option in Naple’s Pizzerias? if so, what are some good pizzerias for it?

    • Hi Vidit, thanks for your comment! Sorry, I don’t know which cow’s milk cheeses are made without animal rennet. But of course, any pizzeria that serves pizza with vegan cheese, such as Vitto Pitagorico, or those that serve pizza without cheese (which is all of them!) would be suitable.

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