Vegan Tapas Crawl in Zaragoza, Spain

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Join me on a vegan tapas crawl around the El Tubo area of Zaragoza, Spain. This part of the old city is a maze of narrow, winding streets that are famous for being filled with tapas bars! You may not think of Spain as a very vegan-friendly country, but there are plenty of vegan dishes in Spanish cuisine, and many of the best ones are tapas!

On this tour we visit a popular bar called Umami that serves up plenty of seasonal, veggie-based tapas. We then move on to a Lebanese-influenced tapas bar called Bar Fenicia that serves a mix of traditional Spanish dishes and Lebanese favorites (hellooooo, hummus!).

And then finally, the last stop on the tour was a complete surprise to us, and one that you definitely don't want to miss! [UPDATE May 2020: Unfortunately, two of these restaurants have since closed.]

Check out the video below to see all of our delicious discoveries:

And if you're heading to Zaragoza and want to check out some of these places for yourself, here's where you can find them:

UPDATE: Unfortunately some of the tapas bars featured in the video have since closed. But not to worry! Check out these great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Zaragoza.

Umami - CLOSED

Address: Calle José Pellicer Ossau 1, Zaragoza,
Phone: +34 876 28 33 33
Hours: 12pm-5pm and 8pm-1am. Closed Mondays.

Bar Fenicia (also known as “Libanés”)

Address: Calle Estébanes 8, Zaragoza
Hours: Tues.-Fri.: 8pm-11pm; Sat.-Sun.: 12m-4pm and 7:30pm-11:30pm

Veggie - CLOSED

Address: Calle Cinegio 3, Zaragoza
Phone: +34 976 24 81 70
Hours: Tues.-Thurs.: 11am-midnight; Fri.-Sat.: 11am-1am; Sun.: 12pm-5pm

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