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Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Tours

Tours that cater for vegans have exploded in recent years. And I'm not talking about tours where you'll be served spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner every night of your trip around Italy. I'm talking culinary adventures that are carefully planned with vegans in mind.

Multi-country jaunts around Europe, river cruises, meditation retreats, and short culinary walking tours. Whatever type of tour you're looking for, you'll find it here in a vegan-friendly version.

Vegan Tours with the Nomadic Vegan

Vegan Tour of Portugal: Lisbon and Surroundings

Lisbon Funicular - vegan tours to Lisbon

I love Lisbon so much that in January 2017 I made it my new home base. In June 2018, in collaboration with Veg Jaunts and Journeys, I’ll be leading a small group of vegan and veg-curious travelers around the city and showing them all the hidden secrets of my adopted home!

In addition to wandering the streets of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, we’ll also explore surrounding sights, including a walled medieval village and a fairytale castle that’s straight out of your childhood dreams. And of course, we’ll dine at some of my favorite restaurants too.

Venice canals - vegan tours of Italy

When I’m asked to pick my favorite country in the world, my answer is always Italy. It holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, one of which is its delicious cuisine.

There’s a lot more to Italian food than peperoni and parmesan, and on this trip, I’ll show you just how vegan-friendly traditional Italian cuisine really is. We’ll visit all the iconic sights of Rome, Florence and Venice, and we’ll also attend the world’s largest vegan festival in Bologna.

Travel Operators Offering Multi-Day Vegan Tours

Vegan tours - tour group

Veg Jaunts and Journeys

Where: Central Europe, Portugal, Italy, USA

In addition to the tours to Portugal and Italy that I’ll be leading, Veg Jaunts and Journeys also offers vegan tours to a number of other destinations worldwide. In 2018, they are offering a tour to Asheville, North Carolina -- a real veggie hotspot in the US – and also to a number of Central European cities, including Prague, Brno, Vienna and Budapest.

Vegan Travel Club

Where: Italy, Ireland, USA

What started out as Vegano Italiano has now expanded to include tours beyond the Italian peninsula. In addition to its tours to some of the most beautiful spots in southern Italy, in 2018 the renamed Vegan Travel Club is also offering vegan tours to Ireland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

CPG Trips

Where: Vietnam, France, Germany, Rwanda

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the host of the Food for Thought podcast and a recognized vegan author, educator and thought leader, is now leading her own vegan trips. Colleen began by hosting one of the Vegano Italiano trips (now Vegan Travel Club).

In 2017, she created her own travel company, CPG Trips, and led a vegan tour of Thailand. In April 2018, CPG Trips is headed to northern Vietnam. Then in December 2018, you can join Colleen for a magical vegan Christmas in France and Germany, and in June 2019 Colleen will be leading a group on an expedition to Rwanda to meet the gorillas!

Veg Voyages

Where: India, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia

This company specializes in green, eco-friendly, vegan adventure tours in Asia. Their off-the-beaten-track tours focus on cultural immersion, local interaction and of course, eating lots of mouthwatering local vegan cuisines along the way.

They have a number of different tours scheduled for 2018 and 2019 in various parts of India and Southeast Asia.


Where: Brazil

This Brazilian company was founded by a local vegan from Rio de Janeiro and offers tailor-made trips that focus on direct contact and interaction with locals, traditional culture, music, history, nature and food.

One of their themed tours is a vegan tour of Rio and surrounding areas, including visits to a local animal protection project and an organic urban community garden. You'll also have the chance to prepare a delicious local vegan dish as part of a Brazilian cooking class.

Super Vegan Travel

Where: England

This UK-based company aims to make the world a happier and more accessible place for vegans and those interested in compassionate travel. They are passionate about showing how amazing the UK is and just how rapidly the movement towards compassion is growing there.

With plenty of expertise in the Japanese travel market (one of the founders is half Japanese), they even offer vegan tours of England that are conducted in the Japanese language.

Vegetarian Scotland Tours

Where: Scotland

An offshoot of Celtic Dream Tours, this company offers small-group tours of up to 16 people, with accommodation in veggie-friendly properties that may include historical mansions, castles and boutique city hotels.

See the castles, standing stones and Neolithic cairns of Scotland, all while dining on sustainable vegetarian and/or vegan food. Keep an eye out for the launch of their new website,, but in the meantime you can connect with them through their FB page.

Vegan Safari Africa

Where: Botswana

Botswana, which has completely banned hunting, has often been called "the most animal-friendly country in southern Africa". What better place to go on safari, then, as a vegan and animal lover? This offshoot of Lelobu Safaris in Maun, Botswana offers tailor-made trips to suit your needs and budget, including anything from luxury five-star resorts to more affordable camping trips.

Vegan-Friendly Tour Operators

Vegan Tours - vegan-friendly tour operators

The "Old Bridge" Backpackers

Where: Botswana

Helene, the co-owner of this hostel and lodge in Maun, Botswana, became vegan in 2015 and has since added a number of marked vegan options to the restaurant menu. In addition to running the accommodation and restaurant facilities, Old Bridge can also organize safaris and "mokoro" (canoe) trips in the Okavango Delta.

And when booking your mokoro trip, ​ be sure to ask for Mogale, the local vegan guide! Mogale was born and raised in a traditional African village in the Delta. At 10 years of age, he became vegetarian when he learned that his grandmother was planning to kill one of her goats for meat. He's now been vegan for 20 years and has a deep love and respect for all animals. Going on a walking safari and coming face to face with elephants, zebras and wildebeests with Mogale as your guide is an unforgettable experience.

Wild Dog Safaris

Where: Namibia, Bostwana, Zimbabwe

Winner of the Eco Awards Namibia for their contribution to responsible tourism in the country, this Windhoek-based safari company is happy to accommodate vegan travelers. I ate well when I joined two of their tours as part of my trip around southern Africa in 2017.

The owner is very open to feedback about how to improve their vegan options, and she’s even said that vegan and vegetarian meal prep will be the main theme of their next staff training! They offer camping safaris, accommodated safaris, and self-drive trips throughout Namibia and in neighboring countries.

Young Pioneer Tours

Where: North Korea, Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, Soviet Europe, Unrecognized Countries

This adventure tour company specializes in taking you to North Korea and other worldwide “destinations your mother would rather you stay away from”, at budget prices. Sounds like my kind of tour!

Better yet, they have a “resident vegan” on staff who leads tours to North Korea and other international destinations. They pride themselves on being able to cater to vegans on all their tours. And that includes tours to some very off-the-beaten-path destinations, where your HappyCow app isn’t going to get you very far. I’m talking Somaliland, Iraqi Kurdistan, and even Chernobyl!


Where: Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Jordan, Egypt, New York City

EscapingNY is a NYC-based, vegan-owned travel planner and tour leader that helps vegetarians and vegans enjoy great food while exploring off-the-beaten-track adventures that include biking, hiking, and authentic cultural exchanges with locals. EscapingNY plans trips for individuals, couples, and groups and leads several group trips throughout the year to various destinations.

Urban Hearbeat

Where: Los Angeles, USA

Urban Heartbeat organizes active tours to popular cities around the world, with fitness activities included in every tour. They have teamed up with YouTubers That Vegan Couple to offer a vegan-friendly tour of Los Angeles in April 2018.  Tour participants will dine at some of the best vegan hotspots in LA and also participate in a private vegan cooking class, a yoga class with That Vegan Couple, and amazing workouts all around LA.

Vegan Cruises

Vegan tours - vegan cruises

Vegan River Cruises offers 100 percent vegan cuisine on its luxury European river cruises. Even the signature cocktails and toiletries provided in each cabin are vegan. Travel in modern luxury while exploring Old World Europe and dining on regionally-grown fresh vegan fare deliciously prepared to tempt all taste buds.

In 2018, they are expanding beyond Europe (and beyond rivers!) by offering a cruise in South America through the Chilean fjords and Patagonia.

Do you follow a raw vegan diet? There’s a cruise for that too! Get blown away by the beauty of Croatia on this eight-day cruise while enjoying the fresh flavors of local. organic produce. You will also have the chance to join food prep classes and learn to prepare some raw vegan staples.

The first ever vegan cruise to depart from Australian shores will set sail from Sydney on October 20, 2018 before traveling around the Pacific Islands for nine days. In addition to the specialized vegan menu, the program also includes daily workshops, demonstrations, professional presentations, daily yoga, pilates and meditation, documentary nights and group activities.

This Florida-based education company offers vacations that are relaxing, educational, and inspirational. They have been around for quite a few years already, and in 2018 they are offering a special 15th anniversary sailing to a number of different ports in the Caribbean.

In addition to the 100 percent vegan whole food menu, they also offer a vegan menu with no added oil. The menus are ideally suited for anyone eating a vegan, macrobiotic or gluten-free diet. In addition to the healthy gourmet food, there are also more than 150 lectures and workshops led by household names such as Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neal Barnard and T. Colin Campbell.

Note: Before you go on a cruise, I recommend educating yourself about the ethical issues involved. Listen to The Bearded Vegans tackle this subject on episode 82 of their podcast, titled "Is a Vegan Cruise an Oxymoron?"​

Vegan Retreats

Vegan Tours - vegan retreats
Vegan Tours - vegan retreats

Christy Morgan, blogger at Blissful and Fit and all-around vegan health and fitness guru, created Blissed Out Retreats to offer unique, affordable experiences in magical locations across the world. She believes that travel is a necessity for a blissful life and shouldn't be a luxury.

Packed full of love and fun, cultural experiences, movement and educational activities, and gourmet plant-based meals, with plenty of free time to recharge, you'll experience bliss all with your health and well-being in mind.

Stacie and Lenny are an American/Italian couple living in Sicily who offer vegan yoga retreats. They give you plenty of time to see the sights and relax on the beaches of Sicily on your own, while practicing yoga in the morning and evening and enjoying traditional, homemade and authentic vegan Sicilian dishes. Raw and gluten-free options are also available.

Candy Tolentino is an author, success coach and long-time vegan who travels the world hosting spiritual retreats and and business seminars, teaching others how to perfect their gifts and talents into thriving businesses and more importantly, thriving lives. She is currently offering a single's retreat and a women-only ultimate healing retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

I have highlighted the three above-mentioned retreats in particular because I know and trust the organizers and am confident that they will take good care of you. But if the dates or destinations of their retreats don't suit you, there are many more to choose from:

Vegan Yoga Retreats

Paging all healthy lifestyle enthusiasts for the perfect vegan yoga retreat! Check out all the options at the link above and book the vegan yoga vacation that you think will benefit you the most.

Vegan Meditation Retreats

Looking for vegan meditation retreats from around the world? Book one of the selected vegan meditation retreats at the link above and get ready to experience bliss!

Vegan Culinary Vacations

Indulge into your passion for vegan food and take a vegan cooking class anywhere you choose around the globe. Learn how to cook delicious vegan dishes, visit great places, and relax on your vegan holiday.

Vegan City Tours

Vegan Tours - city streets

Discover the ultimate vegan experience in each city you visit, with its unique cultural twist, and explore the best neighborhoods through a complete guided tour delivered by a local.

This vegan start-up company is making waves all across Europe. They are currently offering vegan walking tours of Barcelona, London and Amsterdam, and they will soon be expanding to several more European capitals, and even Tel Aviv! Nomadic Vegan readers can get a 10% discount on any tour by using the promo code GOVEGAN2017.

A number of cities also have their own local vegan tours. Click the links below for more details.

Vegan Tours of Paris

Vegan Culinary Tours Paris offers two walking tours: (a) The Gourmet Sentier and (b) The Delicious East.
Vegan Food Tours offers three walking tours of Paris:  (a) Hype in the City, (b) Historic Chic, and (c) Urban Street, and they will soon be expanding to Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Vegan Tours of Dublin

Vegan Tours of Berlin

Vegan Tours of Galway

Vegan Tours of Budapest

Vegan Tours of Tel Aviv

Vegan Sailing Tours of Amsterdam

Vegetarian and Vegan Tours of Prague

Vegan Tours of Singapore

Amanda and Kenny, who run the Singapore-based online shop Everyday Vegan, also offer vegan tours on request. For more info, contact them through their website linked above.

Vegan Tours of Seattle (coming soon)

Vegan Tour of Buenos Aires

Vegan Travel Agents

And if none of these tours suit you, or if you want something tailored specifically to your needs, you can contact a vegan travel agent who will create a custom itinerary just for you.

Green Earth Travel

​Founded in 1997 as the nation’s premier vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency, Green Earth Travel remains on the cutting edge of destinations with conscience, offering a wide range of travel options for those who care about the planet. Today, Green Earth Travel and its owner, travel expert Donna Zeigfinger, focus on volunteer vacation packages and adventure travel. 

In collaboration with Veg Voyages, in 2018 Green Earth Travel will be offering a voluntourism adventure in India, where tour participants will have the chance to help injured and neglected animals at a grassroots animal refuge in the heart of Rajasthan.

Veg Jaunts and Journeys

In addition to their group tours to Portugal, Italy and other destinations, Veg Jaunts and Journeys also offers a personalized travel planning service. With their supplier relationships, they can add value to your trip and turn your vacation dreams into amazing experiences, returning home with memories for a lifetime.

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A Worldwide List of Vegan Tours

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