100+ Vegan Travel Blogs You Need to Know About

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Top Vegan Travel Blog List

Vegan Travel Blog List

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip? Want some vegan travel tips and advice from vegan travelers who have already been there? No matter where you're headed, you're sure to find a vegan travel blog in this list that covers your next destination.

The number of vegan travelers has multiplied in recent years, and so has the number of people writing about their experiences eating vegan while traveling. Here at The Nomadic Vegan, I do my very best to cover as many vegan travel destinations as possible. I've been to 117 countries so far, but I can't be everywhere at once!

Luckily, I'm not the only vegan travel blogger out there. There are plenty of others creating great content to show you how to eat vegan while traveling.

There are lots of different ways to be a plant based or vegan traveler, and in the list below you’ll find many different kinds of vegan travelers. Some of them, like Alternative Travelers, are proponents of slow travel who use house sitting as a way to fund their travel adventure.

Housesitting and petsitting while traveling

Taking care of someone's house, and often also their companion animals, can be a great way to get free accommodation.

In addition to writing about vegan restaurants, they also publish the occasional slow travel guide for people interested in traveling this way. There’s even one blog, Earth Wanderess, by a sustainable eco-traveler who has forsaken air travel and vowed to only travel overland.

Others on this list fall more into the general travel blog category. In some cases, they became vegan after they had already been a travel blogger for some time. So, while they do write vegan travel guides from time to time, they also write about other aspects of world travel.

While for the most part the people behind the blogs listed here follow a vegan lifestyle, in some cases the blog is written by a couple, where only one member of the duo is vegan.

There’s also one couple who identify as 95% vegan but will occasionally eat vegetarian, non-vegan foods. Since they do write lots of helpful posts about finding delicious vegan food around the world, I’ve included them in this list.

If you take the time to search through this list and read a post or two from the blogs that appeal to you most, I’m sure you’ll find some that you love. Be sure to give them a thumbs up to show your appreciation!

Lifebar energy bars - vegan travel snacks

Emergency snacks are a smart idea when traveling as a vegan.

If you’re looking for tips about a particular city or country, most blogs have a destinations page or a drop-down menu to help you with your search. With so many blogs to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to find a travel guide for your next destination!

I hope this list while inspire you to go out and explore the world. You may be surprised to find out just how easy vegan travel can be, even in places that are not usually thought of as being vegan friendly.

Oh, and to see all the vegan travel blogs in the list,  use the bar on the right-hand side to scroll down. Only 25 items are shown at one time, but there are more than 100 blogs on the list, so you'll need click to the next page a few times to see them all!

And if you also like to get travel inspiration from Instagram, check out this list of 12 Black vegan travelers to follow on IG.

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Vegan Travel Blogs You Need to Read

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About Wendy Werneth

Intrepid traveler, vegan foodie and animal lover. I uncover vegan treasures all around the world, so you can be vegan anywhere and spread compassion everywhere.


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