Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines

Veggie Planet - Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines - by Wendy Werneth - vegan food guide

Are you struggling to find vegan options when traveling or eating out? Struggle no more! Discover the many plant-based dishes that are hiding in plain sight in the world’s best-loved cuisines.

Intrepid globetrotter and vegan travel expert Wendy Werneth has explored 100 countries on seven continents, sampling countless local specialties along the way.

In her new vegan food guide, Veggie Planet, she highlights the many naturally vegan dishes in 11 of the world's most famous cuisines and shows you just how vegan-friendly they really are.

But Veggie Planet is more than an international travel guide for people interested in the vegan lifestyle.

Since the cuisines it describes are widely available (think Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc.), Veggie Planet is a godsend not only for when you’re traveling but also for when you want to enjoy a delicious vegan meal while eating out, even in your own hometown.

Whether you’re a flexitarian, vegetarian, beginner vegan, or a seasoned veteran with dozens of vegan books lining your shelves already, you are sure to discover new dishes, cuisines and cultures within the pages of Veggie Planet.

Inside Veggie Planet, you will also be given access to FREE bonus materials, including:
  • Pocket reference guides that you can download and take with you when traveling or dining out
  • Full-color photos of more than 100 dishes described in the book
  • 3 mindset-shifting tricks to help you tap into the abundance that surrounds you
  • Lists of non-vegan ingredients that are commonly used in different cuisines, and how to avoid them

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The Humane League - Veggie Planet

By purchasing this book, you will spare 10 animals from a life of misery in industrial agriculture.

How? A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to The Humane League - an organization that works relentlessly to reduce animal suffering through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment.

According to estimates published by Animal Charity Evaluators, the amount donated for each book sold is enough to spare the lives of 10 animals.

Kim SujovolskyCo-Creator of Brownble

“A wonderful book for both vegans and people who want to eat in a more sustainable way even if not fully vegan. You’ll want to dust off that passport or head out to explore these world cuisines without even leaving home. So well researched and the best quick guide to help you eat plant-based anywhere you go, by the woman who has been to 100 countries so far, and has come back to help you eat deliciously anywhere.”

In Veggie Planet, You Will Discover:


Explore different cultures from a new viewpoint and find out about their food customs, traditions, and history. By learning the historical, geographic and religious reasons why these cuisines are plant based, you will open up a new window onto our world.  


Even if you've been eating Chinese, Italian or Middle Eastern food your whole life, you are sure to discover dishes you've never tasted before in the pages of Veggie Planet. Rediscover cuisines you thought you knew, and fall in love with them all over again.


Never worry again about finding a restaurant where there will be something for you to eat. Restaurants serving these cuisines are widely available, both domestically and internationally. And after reading Veggie Planet, you'll know exactly which dishes to order.


After savoring in your mind all these delicious flavors from around the globe, you'll be ready to pack your bags and explore some of these vegan-friendly countries for yourself. Veggie Planet includes info on vegan tours and many other travel resources.

Wendy Werneth - author of vegan food guide Veggie Planet

About the Author: Wendy Werneth

Wendy Werneth has lived, studied, worked and traveled in 100 countries (and counting!). She became vegan in 2014, and initially she was worried that being vegan was going to ruin travel.

She was shocked to discover that being vegan actually made travel not worse, but better! Eager to share the joys of vegan travel with others, she created the award-winning website, The Nomadic Vegan, where she shows you how you can be vegan anywhere and spread compassion everywhere.

What People Are Saying

Sam WoodCo-Creator of Indefinite Adventure

“A great guide for anyone wanting to be sure they can get vegan food of all varieties. Starting with well-written summaries of what each cuisine is about, its history and its contemporary form, the book also goes into a lot of detail about specific dishes that happen to be vegan or exactly what to ask for in order to get a vegan version. An invaluable resource for anyone who loves plant-based food!”

Julia Feliz BrueckAuthor of Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary

“Filled with language tips, specific dishes by local name, and a hint of cultural awareness, vegan travelers will be well equipped as to what to eat when venturing to different regions of the world. Even those that have yet to finalize travel plans will be able to get started exploring cuisines locally as author Wendy Werneth thoughtfully explains how to eat from the same regions in your own backyard.”

Carolyn Scott-HamiltonCreator of The Healthy Voyager

“Veggie Planet is a terrific guide for veggie globetrotters to help them navigate the most foreign of waters! A must have in your carry-on!”

Lani MuelrathAuthor of The Plant-Based Journey and The Mindful Vegan

“Vegans no longer need wonder what to order in ethnic restaurants, or how to decode menus when traveling abroad. Wendy’s Veggie Planet is the perfect companion guide . Not only that, she gets you eager for travel and eating adventure! Great fun with helpful tips and tricks for the road.”

Janice StangerAuthor of The Perfect Formula Diet

“Wendy Werneth's knowledge of a wide variety of vegan cuisines is stunning. Veggie Planet is crammed with useful, practical suggestions on how to thrive on an abundance of healthy, plant-based meals in countries around the world. Wendy also gives you ideas on how to do this locally, so you never need to get on a plane to savor these cuisines.”

Tim HordoCEO of Get It Vegan

“This book is a must-read for anyone who’s considering adopting a vegan lifestyle, or for any current vegan who’s been bitten by the travel bug. The lessons Wendy has learned through her extensive travel experience and shared in this book help destroy misconceptions about the scarcity of vegan options in international cuisine, and open our eyes to the veritable abundance.”

Veggie Planet - Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines - vegan food guide by Wendy Werneth
Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines

Does the thought of searching for vegan food when traveling leave you feeling stressed out, anxious and overwhelmed?

Do you dread going out to eat with friends, family or colleagues because you're afraid that they'll choose a meat-heavy restaurant with nothing for you to eat?

You can banish those fears forever. After reading Veggie Planet, you'll be eagerly booking your next restaurant meal (or maybe even booking your next flight!) so that you can enjoy some of the mouth-watering dishes described in the pages of this essential guide to vegan food around the world.

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